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Abdominolipoplasty: A system of classfication and treatment for combined abdominoplasty and suction-assisted lipectomy

  • Alan Matarasso


Criteria for diagnosing abdominal contouring candidates and a new classification system for procedures are presented. The surgical techniques for each of four patient categories of abdominolipoplasty are reviewed: type I—suction-assisted lipectomy alone, type II—mini-abdominoplasty, type III—modified abdominoplasty, and type IV—abdominoplasty with suction-assisted lipectomy. With the combination of suction-assisted lipectomy and abdominoplasty, the majority of patients can actually be treated with a limited abdominoplasty procedure or suction lipectomy. Complications noted in a series of 75 consecutive patients operated on by one surgeon are presented. The blood supply that is relevant to a combination of suction lipectomy with abdominoplasty is outlined. Specific guidelines for these combined procedures are recommended in order to safely combine full abdominoplasties with suction-assisted lipectomies.

Key words

Abdominoplasty SAL Combined classification system Blood supply Complications 


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