Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp 432–438 | Cite as

Interaction of aminoquinolines with unsaturated carboxylic acids. 1. Synthesis of N-quinolyl-β-alanines and their biological activity

  • Z. J. Beresnevicius
  • V. Viliunas
  • K. Kantminiene


N-Quinolyl-β-alanines, and α-methyl- and-methyl-N-quinolyl-β-alanines were prepared by reaction of aminoquinolines and acrylic, methacrylic, and crotonic acids. The corresponding hydrazides and benzylidenehydrazides were obtained. 4-Aminoquinoline with unsaturated acids in water gave betaines. The biological activity of sodium salts of β-alanines was investigated.


aminoquinolines N-quinolyl-β-alanines hydrazides biological activity 


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  • Z. J. Beresnevicius
  • V. Viliunas
  • K. Kantminiene

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