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Malignant potential of gastric polyps

  • Si-Chun Ming
The Adenoma-Carcinoma Sequence in the Stomach and Colon


The malignant potential of gastric polyps is correlated to their pathologic features. The vast majority can be divided into two types: hyperplastic polyp and adenoma. Hyperplastic polyp is composed of well-differentiated glands and rarely becomes malignant. It is small, smooth-surfaced, often multiple, and randomly distributed. Adenoma is composed of dysplastic glands and often becomes malignant. The small adenoma is flat-surfaced and slightly raised. The large adenoma is papillary and broad-based. Adenoma is usually single and located in the antrum. In either case, a separate independent carcinoma may be present in the same stomach.

Key words

Gastric polyp Malignant potential 


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