Drug trafficking networks in Europe

  • Jan van Doorn


In view of the enormous investments and financial interests at stake together with the necessity to maintain continuity of supply and distribution, only professional narcotic drug organizations and groups will be able to sustain a fixed share of the market. In order to gain some insight into the size of organized crime in the Netherlands, an in-depth study was conducted to this end in 1991. Police information from all over the country was gathered and analyzed. Almost 600 criminal groups appeared to be active in the Netherlands. 73 percent of them appeared to be involved in drug trafficking. Criminal networks active in Europe would be more readily identifiable if our European counterparts conducted similar into the organizational structures of criminal gangs operating in their country. If the existing plans for the creation of Europol, starting with an European Drugs Unit — a non-executive European Intelligence service in the area of narco-crime — are realized, this would be a major step forward in achieving this.


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