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Exact tests of fit for a poisson distribution

  • D. G. Papworth


An algorithm is presented which will perform exact goodness-of-fit tests for a Poisson distribution. The algorithm has been implemented as a FORTRAN IV subroutine.

AMS 1980 Subject Classifications

Primary 62-04 62F04 Secondary 68A10 

Key words and phrases

Poisson distribution exact tests of fit chi-square goodness-of-fit dispersion index 

Exakte Anpassungstests für eine Poissonverteilung


Es wird ein Algorithmus für exakte “goodness-of-fit”-Tests für eine Poissonverteilung erläutert und als FORTRAN-IV-Subroutine implementiert.


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    Fisher, R. A.: The significance of deviations from expectation in a Poisson series. Biometrics6, 17–24 (1950).Google Scholar

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  • D. G. Papworth
    • 1
  1. 1.MRC Radiobiology UnitDidcotUK

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