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Comparison of the bone mineral content of the lower limbs in men with ischaemic atherosclerotic disease

  • M. Laroche
  • J. M. Pouilles
  • C. Ribot
  • P. Bendayan
  • J. Bernard
  • H. Boccalon
  • B. Mazieres


In a previous study, the authors demonstrated that in 17 men with ischaemic atherosclerotic disease the bone mineral density (BMD) of the femoral neck was lower than in matched control subjects. The patients with arterial disease were thinner and were heavier smokers than the controls. Osteoporosis and arterial disease of the lower limbs were perhaps due to common risk factors: tobacco consumption and a low body build index. In order to demonstrate the direct effect of atherosclerosis on bone mineral content (BMC), the authors studied by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry the BMC of both legs in 18 men presenting symptomatic arterial disease of the lower limbs quantified by measurement of distal systolic indexes by doppler ultrasonography.

The mean BMC of the leg more severely affected by arterial disease was significantly lower than the mean BMC of the leg less affected by arterial disease (512±76 g versus 495±80 g: p=0.003). In 13 of the 18 patients, the BMC was lower in the leg more severely affected by arterial disease; in 4 of 18 the difference between the BMC of the left and right legs was less than 1%, and in a single patient the BMC was higher in the leg more affected by arterial disease.

Arterial disease of the lower limbs could lead to bone mineral loss.

Key words

Osteoporosis Atherosclerotic Disease of the Lower Limbs 


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  • J. M. Pouilles
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  • C. Ribot
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  • P. Bendayan
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  • J. Bernard
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  • H. Boccalon
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  • B. Mazieres
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