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Influence of blood group and secretor status on gastric acidity


The aim of the present study was to determine whether blood group O and nonsecretor status are associated with gastric hyperacidity.

Total output of gastric acid after maximal histamine stimulation was evaluated in 515 patients—220 males and 295 females—aged 20–50 years, with and without a familial history of duodenal ulcer. All of them were free of gastroduodenal disease.

HCl output was found to be significantly higher in patients of blood group O than in those of A, B, and AB, irrespective of family history of duodenal ulcer. Furthermore HCl output was significantly higher, when blood group O was concerned, in nonsecretors than in secretors. In groups A, B, and AB there were no differences between secretors and nonsecretors.

These results support the hypothesis that increased levels of acid secretion may explain partially the high incidence of duodenal ulcer among subjects possessing one or both the phenotypic traits—blood group O and nonsecretor.

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