The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

, Volume 12, Issue 8, pp 804–807 | Cite as

Progressive systemic sclerosis: I. Gastric secretory pattern

Study under basal conditions and after betazole hydrochloride (histalog) maximal stimulation
  • Agostinho Bettarello
  • Dirceu Pfuhl Neves
  • Schlioma Zaterka


Twenty-four patients with progressive systemic sclerosis (19 female and 5 male) between the ages of 21 and 56, had their gastric secretory pattern under basal conditions and after Histalog stimulation (1.7 mg./kg. body weight) compared with those of 20 healthy, normal people (control group). No difference was observed in the gastric secretory pattern of both groups.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Agostinho Bettarello
    • 1
  • Dirceu Pfuhl Neves
    • 1
  • Schlioma Zaterka
    • 1
  1. 1.From the Hospital das Clinicas Säo Paulo Medical SchoolSao PauloBrazil

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