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Strongyloidiasis at the boston city hospital

Emphasis on gastrointestinal pathophysiology and successful therapy with thiabendazole
  • H. Amir-Ahmadi
  • P. Braun
  • F. A. Neva
  • L. S. Gottlieb
  • N. Zamcheck


A patient is presented who had heavyStrongyloides infection, manifesting gastrointestinal abnormalities, including achlorhydria to maximal histamine stimulation and malabsorption. Successful cure of strongyloidiasis, in this man


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  • H. Amir-Ahmadi
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  • P. Braun
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  • F. A. Neva
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  • L. S. Gottlieb
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  • N. Zamcheck
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  1. 1.From the Mallory Gastrointestinal Laboratory, Channing Laboratory, Second and Fourth (Harvard) Medical ServicesBoston City HospitalUSA
  2. 2.Departments of Medicine, Pathology and Bacteriology and ImmunologyHarvard Medical SchoolUSA
  3. 3.Department of Tropical Public HealthHarvard University School of Public HealthUSA
  4. 4.Departments of PathologyBoston University School of Medicine and Tufts University School of MedicineBostonUSA

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