Diverticulitis of the cecum and right colon: Clinical and radiographic features

Report of 18 cases
  • Adolfo Schapira
  • Julius J. Leichtling
  • Bernard S. Wolf
  • Richard H. Marshak
  • Henry D. Janowitz


Eighteen cases of cecal and right colon diverticulitis have been presented. The clinical features, radiologic aspects, and modes of treatment have been emphasized. This series does not support the common concept that most diverticula of the cecum are solitary. The application of careful and repeated barium enema studies and detailed pathologic studies of specimens is urged to elucidate further the nature of cecal diverticula. Factors which may be important in the differential diagnosis with appendicitis have been presented. Conservative nonoperative and operative management is recommended.


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  • Adolfo Schapira
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  • Julius J. Leichtling
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  • Bernard S. Wolf
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  • Richard H. Marshak
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  • Henry D. Janowitz
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  1. 1.From the Departments of Medicine, Surgery, and Radiology, and the Gastrointestinal Clinicthe Mount Sinai HospitalNew York

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