The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

, Volume 3, Issue 7, pp 522–527 | Cite as

A general review of gastroenterologic diseases and related problems in Egypt

  • S. M. Talaat


There has been a rapid change in the pattern of diseases met with in Egypt. Whereas in the past the problems were chiefly in the field of parasitic and tropical disease, today more and more of western civilization's diseases are being met with. This is attributable to better hygienic conditions which make parasitic transmission more difficult, and to the progress of western civilization and its ensuing consequences.

Schistosomiasis and amebiasis, though still retaining the first place, are slowly being solved through better education and hygienic conditions. However, their treatment leaves a great deal to be desired. A cheap, orally effective drug for schistosomiasis therapy is yet to be found, and in amebiasis most cures are more apparent than real with the drug armamentarium of the present.

Peptic ulceration and neoplastic diseases, especially of the esophagus, which were practically unheard of ten years ago, have become common diagnoses. Regional enteritis and ulcerative colitis, although very rare, are making their appearance in the well-to-do classes.

Gallbladder disease, which was once very common in the young as a sequelae of enteric fever, is observed much less often as a result of early treatment of the enteric fevers with chloromycetin.


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  • S. M. Talaat
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  1. 1.From Kasr-El-Ainy HospitalCairo University Medical SchoolEgypt

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