Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 386–391 | Cite as

Heat and mass transfer of an individual vapor bubble in translational flow of an unbounded liquid volume

  • N. A. Zolovkin
  • N. D. Negmatov
  • N. S. Khabeev


The condensational collapse of a spherical vapor bubble moving translationally through an unbounded incompressible liquid is investigated. The bubble moves at a varying velocity. The problem is solved within the framework of the axisymmetric formulation. The numerical investigation shows that the variability of the bubble rise velocity significantly affects the condensational collapse process. This effect is particularly prominent in the final stage, i.e., in the stage of thermal collapse. The results obtained agree well with the experimental data.


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  • N. A. Zolovkin
  • N. D. Negmatov
  • N. S. Khabeev

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