Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 31, Issue 1, pp 57–65 | Cite as

Air-steam mixture flow with condensation on ions and electrokinetic processes

  • A. V. akimov
  • A. B. Vatazhin
  • V. A. Likhter
  • A. A. Sorokin


A physical model of air-steam flow with homogeneous condensation, condensation on ions, mass exchange between droplets and surrounding medium, and charge exchange between droplets and ion component is presented. A kinetic equation for the droplet distribution over sizes and charges is used in the model. On the basis of this equation, the moment equations are obtained and various approximate ways of closing them are proposed. The electric self-fields produced by the ion component and the charged dispersed phase are taken into account. Modifications of the equations for the case of turbulent flow are given. A one-dimensional flow model taking into account certain special features of the condensation and electrophysical processes in real flows is realized numerically.


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  • A. V. akimov
  • A. B. Vatazhin
  • V. A. Likhter
  • A. A. Sorokin

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