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A study of the mental status of schizophrenics hospitalized for over 25 years into their senium

  • Morris D. Riemer


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    The incidence of senile psychoses in chronic hospitalized schizophrenics is negligible.

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    It is concluded from study of the anamneses of senile psychotics that schizophrenics who make adequate adjustments, enabling them to leave the hospital, and who can remain in the community for long periods, are much more prone to develop senile psychoses than are chronically-hospitalized schizophrenics.

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    The stress and strain of reality, one is led to infer, meeting the rigid and inflexible equipment of the damaged psyche of the schizophrenic during intervals outside the hospital, provokes a further breakdown of the organic systemic and brain structure.

  4. 4.

    The chronically-hospitalized schizophrenic is spared the responsibility of coping with reality and thus spared a consequent strain upon his systemic organization.



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