Philosophical Studies

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Peirce's experimentalism and practicalism

  • Philip P. Wiener


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    Philosophical Studies, 6:55 (October 1955).Google Scholar
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    North American Review, October 1871, pp. 449-72. On p. 472 Peirce declared “the most fundamental practical question in the old controversy of realists and nominalists over universals is whether men have really anything in common, so that the community is to be considered as an end in itself, and if so, what the relative value of the two factors is, the individual's aspirations and the good of the community.“Google Scholar
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    Cf. my paper on “Peirce's Theory of Signs Applied to Ethics” read before the Peirce Society meeting with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Society at Boston University, December 27, 1955.Google Scholar

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  • Philip P. Wiener
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  1. 1.City College of New YorkNew York

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