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Treatment of recurrent cystitis in women by internal urethrotomy or antimicrobial agents


Seventy-one women suffering from recurrent cystitis were analysed. The patients were randomly distributed into two groups, in accordance with the treatment given. Forty-one were treated medically and thirty were subjected to internal urethrotomy with the Otis urethrotome and antimicrobial agents.

The results of treatment for urinary infection were: 85.4% in the first group and 73.3% in the second group. There was no statistically significant difference between the results of the two groups analysed.

The symptomatology showed 65.8% of the cases asymptomatic in the group treated medically and 36.7% in the surgical-medicinal group. The difference between the results of the two groups was statistically significant according to the symptomatology. Therefore, medical treatment of recurring cystitis in women was superior to surgical-medicinal treatment.

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