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On the exact upper bound for the multifit processor scheduling algorithm

  • Minyi Yue


We consider the well-known problem of schedulingn independent tasks nonpre-emptively onm identical processors with the aim of minimizing the makespan. Coffman, Garey and Johnson [1] described an algorithm, MULTIFIT, based on techniques from binpacking, with better worst performance than the LPT algorithm and proved that it satisfies a bound of 1.22. It has been claimed by Friesen [2] that this bound can be improved upon to 1.2. However, we found his proof, in particular his lemma 4.9, difficult to understand. Yue, Kellerer and Yu [3] have presented the bound 1.2 in a simpler way. In this paper, we prove first that the bound cannot exceed 13/11 and then prove that it is exactly 13/11.


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  • Minyi Yue
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Applied MathematicsAcademia SinicaBeijingP.R. China

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