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Controversies in regards to oocyte donation

  • D. de Ziegler
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Hormonal replacement cycles prescribed to prime endometrial receptivity in recipients of IVF-OD and frozen embryos have been simplified. It now appears that great leeway exists for the duration of the E2 priming phase, which can last from 10 days to 2 months. Contrasting with this flexibility, the period of endometrial receptivity is tightly controlled by the duration of exposure to P. In the case of 2- to 8-cell embryos the best results are obtained when ETs take place on the third and/or fourth day of endometrial exposure to P, irrespective of actual P levels. Administration of vaginal P is as effective, if not more effective, than IM injections and should therefore be preferred because of its greater patient acceptance. Transfers of embryos frozen at the blastocyst stage should be delayed by at least 1 day so that embryonal and endometrial development have better chances to match.


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