Platelet activating factor treatment of spermatozoa enhances rabbit oocyte fertilization following subzonal sperm insertion

  • Brijinder S. Minhas
  • Hak -Nam Kim
  • Yan -Ping Zhu
  • Barry A. Ripps
  • Thomas H. Burwinkel
Animal Investigations



The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of spermatozoal platelet activating factor (PAF) treatment on fertilization rates employing subzonal sperm insertion in the rabbit.

Study Design

Oocytes (n=130) with distinct first polar bodies were injected with three to seven motile spermatozoa. Half (n=65) of the oocytes were injected with PAF-treated sperm, whereas the other half (n=65) served as controls and were injected with nontreated sperm. Fertilization rates were assessed by the formation of two pronuclei followed by cleavage to the two-cell stage.


In the group of oocytes injected with PAF-treated sperm, we noted a significant (P<0.001) improvement in fertilization rates, 61.5% (40/65), vs. control nontreated sperm, 20.0% (13/65). Subsequent cleavage to the two-cell stage was noted for 95% (38/40) in the treated vs 92.3% (12/13) in the nontreated fertilized zygotes.


We conclude that PAF treatment of rabbit spermatozoa prior to subzonal insertion improves fertilization rates and may be of clinical significance in assisted reproductive programs.

Key words

platelet activating factor spermatozoa subzonal insertion fertilization 


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  • Brijinder S. Minhas
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  • Hak -Nam Kim
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  • Yan -Ping Zhu
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  • Barry A. Ripps
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  • Thomas H. Burwinkel
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  1. 1.Department of Obstetrics & GynecologyThe University of TennesseeMemphis
  2. 2.Center for Human ReproductionChicago

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