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Vaginal electrical resistance in cows: 2. Relationship to milk progesterone concentrations during the reproductive cycle

  • W. J. McCaughey
  • A. D. Patterson


When the vaginal electrical resistance (VER) was measured in the anterior vagina in 4 cows during a total of 12 oestrous cycles, there was a close correlation between VER, milk progesterone levels and visual observations of oestrus. The cyclic changes in both VER and milk progesterone ceased in 2 cows which became pregnant during the study. In a pregnant cow, the VER was found to be constant both pre-partum and immediately post-partum. These results show that measurement of VER can be a useful aid in the confirmation of oestrus and suggest that the technique may also be applicable to the early diagnosis of pregnancy.


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  • W. J. McCaughey
    • 1
  • A. D. Patterson
    • 2
  1. 1.Veterinary Research LaboratoriesBelfast(Northern Ireland)
  2. 2.Belfast(Northern Ireland)

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