Physical Oceanography

, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 169–172 | Cite as

On the problem of a turbid layer occurring near the upper boundary of the hydrogen sulphide zone in the Black Sea

  • L. V. Eremeeva
  • A. Kh. Degterev
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This paper considers the possibility of aldehyde reduction by Black Sea hydrogen sulphide accompanied by the formation of nitrogen-containing organic substances The fine structure of nitrates and ammonium profiles close to the boundary of the O2/H2S zone is studied. Using data collected during Cruise 18 of the R/VProfessor Kolesnikov, it is shown that the largest ammonium concentration gradient is centred 20 m below the maximum of nitrate concentration. It has been deduced that an appreciable part of the so-called chemosynthesis production may be a result of the non-biotic synthesis with involvement of hydrogen sulphide.


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  • L. V. Eremeeva
  • A. Kh. Degterev

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