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Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi


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Works by Johann Pestalozzi

  1. Pestalozzi's principal works have been published in numerous languages. The main reference works at present are the critical editions of his collected works and letters:

  2. Johann PestalozziPestalozzi: Sämtliche Werke [Pestalozzi: Collected Works], founded in 1927 by A. Buchenau, E. Spranger and H. Stettbacher, now being completed by E. Dejung through the work of the Forschungsstelle of the Pestalozzianum (Beckenhofstrasse 31–33, 8006 Zurich, Switzerland). Twenty-eight volumes have been published so far by W. de Gruyter (Berlin), and Orell Füssli (Zurich).

  3. Johann PestalozziPestalozzi: Sämtliche Briefe [Pestalozzi: Collected Letters], published by the Pestalozzianum and the Zentralbibliothek of Zurich, 1946–71. Thirteen volumes are available so far from Orell Füssli, Zurich.

Main works about Johann Pestalozzi

  1. The bibliography of works about Pestalozzi published mainly in German has been successively assembled by:

  2. Israel,A. Pestalozzi-Bibliographie. 1904. 3 vols. (Monumenta Germaniae paedagogica, 25, 29, 31)

  3. Klinke,W. Pestalozzi-Bibliographie. 1923.

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  5. Kuhlemann, G. Pestalozzi-Bibliographie 1966–1977.Pädagogische Rundschau (Frankfurt/Main), 1980, Nos. 2/3, pp. 189–202.

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  6. A general bibliography is being prepared at this time by the Forschungsstelle of the Pestalozzianum in Zurich. Among the books that have had a significant effect on the interpretation of Pestalozzi's work, the following can be mentioned:

  7. Barth, H.Pestalozzis Philosophie der Politik [Pestalozzi's Philosophy of Politics]. 1954.

  8. Delekat, F.Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, der Mensch, der Philosoph und der Erzieher [Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi: The Man, the Philosopher and the Educator]. 3rd ed. 1968.

  9. Froese, L., et al.Zur Diskussion: Der politische Pestalozzi [Subject for Discussion: The Political Pestalozzi]. 1972.

  10. Litt, T.Der lebendige Pestalozzi [The Lively Pestalozzi]. 2nd ed. 1961.

  11. Meier, U.Pestalozzis Pädagogik der sehenden Liebe [Pestalozzi's Pedagogy of Conscious Love]. 1987.

  12. Natorp, P.Der Idealismus Pestalozzis [Pestalozzi's Idealism]. 1919.

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  15. Silber, K.Pestalozzi: The Man and His Work. New York, Schocken, 1973.

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  16. Soëtard, M.Pestalozzi ou la naissance de l'éducateur [Pestalozzi or the Birth of the Educator]. Bern, P. Lang, 1981. (Publications Universitaires Européennes.)

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  17. Spranger, E.Pestalozzis Denkformen [Pestalozzi's Manner of Thinking]. 3rd ed. 1966.

  18. Stadler, P.Pestalozzi. 1988.

  19. Stein, A.Pestalozzi und die Kantische Philosophie [Pestalozzi and Kant's Philosophy]. 1927.

  20. Wernle, P.Pestalozzi und die Religion [Pestalozzi and Religion]. 1927.

  21. Würzburger, K.Der Angefochtene [The Adversary]. 1940.

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