Soviet journal of physical oceanography

, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp 57–64 | Cite as

Radioactive isotopes of caesium in the waters and near-water atmospheric layer of the Black Sea

  • V. N. Eremeev
  • T. V. Chudinovskikh
  • G. F. Batrakov
  • T. M. Ivanova
Experimental and Field Research


The concentrations of137Cs and134Cs were measured using the sorption method in the waters of the Black Sea during 1986–1987. An inhomogeneous character of the contamination of the surface waters in the Black Sea due to the Chernobyl disaster is shown. The subsequent migration and redistribution of caesium radionuclides in the various seasons of the year were studied. The amount of137Cs and134Cs in the upper 50 m layer was estimated. The results of measuring the concentration of caesium radionuclides in the near-water atmospheric layer over the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea in 1986–1987 are also reported.


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  • V. N. Eremeev
  • T. V. Chudinovskikh
  • G. F. Batrakov
  • T. M. Ivanova

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