Soviet journal of physical oceanography

, Volume 1, Issue 6, pp 551–559 | Cite as

Numerical modelling of the Sea of Azov's dynamics resulting from narrowing of the mouth of Taganrog Bay

  • F. A. Surkov
  • L. A. Krukier
  • G. V. Muratova
Mathematical Modelling of Marine Systems


The currents and surface level oscillations in the Sea of Azov ensuing from contraction of the mouth of Taganrog Bay are computed using the grid technique on the basis of a numerical solution to the system of quasi-linear, degenerate, parabolic, partial derivative equations (‘shallow-water’ equations). It is demonstrated what changes are to be expected in the dynamics of the Sea of Azov should this project be realized. The computations were carried out for typical wind directions.


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  • F. A. Surkov
  • L. A. Krukier
  • G. V. Muratova

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