Soviet journal of physical oceanography

, Volume 1, Issue 6, pp 495–500 | Cite as

Interaction of internal waves with a horizontally inhomogeneous density field area overlying a ridge

  • N. M. Stashchuk
  • L. V. Cherkesov
Thermohydrodynamics of the Ocean


In the context of the general linear theory, we consider the propagation of an internal tide across a frontal zone overyling an oceanic ridge. For a uniformly stratified ocean, the solution was derived using Riemann's technique. The dependences of the generated internal wave amplitudes on the stratification parameters and bottom topography were determined. We have found that wave disturbances of high intensity inside and in the neighbourhood of the ridge may be concentrated in raytype areas. An increase of the horizontal density gradient in the frontal zone results in a perceptible deformation of these areas.


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  • N. M. Stashchuk
  • L. V. Cherkesov

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