Soviet journal of physical oceanography

, Volume 1, Issue 6, pp 427–432 | Cite as

Experience of remote monitoring in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in the optical spectrum band

  • G. A. Grishin
  • V. F. Shermazan
Analysis of Observations and Methods of Calculating Oceanic Hydrophysical Fields


The methodology of regional remote monitoring of the ocean on the basis of complex largescale studies carried out by the Marine Hydrophysical Institute of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in 1987–1988 is considered. The collection of controlled parameters, ground facilities, methods of collecting and processing of satellite and subsatellite data, and features in the compilation of composition maps of the sea surface radiation temperature are discussed.


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  • G. A. Grishin
  • V. F. Shermazan

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