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Zur Struktur Der Inversen Teilbarkeits-Halbgruppen

  • Bruno Bosbach
Research Article


In this paper we study inverse Tbk-semigroups [cf.1,2.]. We shall show that every inverse Tbk-semigroup is a subdirect product of 1-groups with or without 0, and we shall give necessary and sufficient conditions for (S,·,∩) to be a direct product of an 1-group and a distributive lattice. The second main result is that a Tbk-semigroup can be embedded into an inverse Tbk-semigroup iff as = ab = bb ⇒ a = b and acx = acy ⇔ axc = ayc.

Originally this paper was part of [2]. It was separated from [2] at the suggestion of the referee.


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  • Bruno Bosbach
    • 1
  1. 1.G.H.KasselB.R.Deutschland

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