Technology utilization — The new corporate challenge


Technology transfer and utilization is a process that has a profound impact on the survival of the firm, particularly in today's high technology market where technological changes are rapid and often dramatic. The market place both locally and internationally is replete with business failures resulting from the inability of firms to maintain a competitive edge in technology utilization and/or transfer. We contend that many such failures could be avoided by establishment of in-house programs developed specifically to address the utilization and transfer of technologies associated with the firm. This paper proposes a general methodology to identify and establish such an in-house program regardless of the technology area of interest. Once implemented such program can be used as engines of technological innovation by working in an active versus reactivemode.

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Varzaly, L.A., Elashmawi, F. Technology utilization — The new corporate challenge. J Technol Transfer 9, 61–69 (1984).

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  • Economic Growth
  • Technology Transfer
  • Technological Change
  • Technological Innovation
  • Industrial Organization