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Restriction enzyme mapping of ribosomal DNA ofSchistosoma spindale andS. leiperi (Digenea) and its application to interspecific differentiation


Restriction maps were determined for the ribosomal RNA gene complex ofSchistosoma spindale andS. leiperi. The restriction map of theS. spindale rRNA gene complex was found to differ from those of other schistosomes previously described by the presence of an additionalEcoRI site in the non transcribed spacer region. In common withS. mattheei andS. margrebowiei, bothS. leiperi andS. spindale appear to have insertions in the transcribed spacer region, relative toS. mansoni.EcoRI digests of genomic DNA, probed with pSM 889, enabled differentiation ofS. spindale andS. leiperi from four other species of schistosome.

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