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Copper deficiency inPinus radiata planted in a podzol in Victoria, Australia

  • N. D. Turvey


Copper deficiency inPinus radiata in Gippsland, Victoria was found to be associated with acid, organic-rich sandy podzols. A trial designed to find a Cu supplement for P and NPK fertilisation on these soils showed significant growth in stem-length following Cu-solution treatment in the nursery, and Cu fertiliser applied in the field up to at least 13.5 kg Cu ha−1.

The Steenbjerg effect was evident in foliar concentrations of nutrients following fertilisation; this makes diagnosis from foliar analysis difficult. Foliar Cu∶N ratios proved a more sensitive indicator of Cu fertiliser treatment than either Cu or N alone.

Two phases of seasonal drainage and podzol development were identified in the experiment. Trees growing on the better-drained, more acid soil with a high content of organic matter responded better to Cu fertiliser.

Key words

Fertiliser Foliar analysis Nitrogen Phosphorus Pinus radiata Potassium Soil organic matter Steenbjerg effect 


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  • N. D. Turvey
    • 1
  1. 1.A.P.M. Forests Pty. Ltd.MorwellAustralia

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