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Total concentrations of Mn, Zn and Cu in certain forest soils in Greece

  • G. Nakos
Short Communications


Total concentrations of Mn, Zn and Cu were determined in soil samples from 144 profiles located in remote forested areas throughout the mainland of Greece.

Bio-accumulation of Mn and Zn in the humic horizon took place only in moderately acid soils (pH 5–6).

Mean concentrations of Mn, Zn and Cu, in the mineral section of the soil profiles, were 1383, 93, and 51 ppm, respectively. Soils from hard limestone and basic and ultrabasic igneous rock contain these three minor elements at significantly higher concentrations compared to soils from the rest of the soil parent materials. In most of the soil profiles concentration of Cu increased, and of Mn decreased, with soil depth.

Concentrations of Mn, Zn and Cu in the underlaying “rocks” were within the range of their average concentrations found in the mineral soil, except for hard limestone where much lower concentrations of these elements have been found. The latter supports the theory that the parent material of soils associated with limestones might not be a solution product of the limestone rock.

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Copper Forest soils Greece Manganese Total concentrations Zinc 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. Nakos
    • 1
  1. 1.Soil Science LaboratoryForest Research InstituteAthensGreece

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