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Opening remarks — Roundtable on critical issues: “Management of Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century”

  • Debra M. Amidon Rogers
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The Technology Transfer Society is organizing and sponsoring a series of Roundtable discussions on critical issues. The first of the series was hosted by Purdue University, Indiana, on April 28 and 29, 1987. It was made possible by a grant from Digital Equipment Corporation and an in kind contribution from Technology and Strategy Group of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Roundtable co-chairmen were Debra Rogers and Dan Dimancescu.

The focus of the first Roundtable was, “Management of Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century”. These introductory remarks give a clear description of the purpose of the two day Roundtable and a detailed discussion of the agenda and format.

A proceedings of the Roundtable presentations is being prepared and may be obtained by contacting the Technology Transfer Society Headquarters.


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