HIV-permissive cells from solid tissues: Cytokine induction and effects


HIV-1 is a polytropic virus that, apart from hematopoietic cells, can replicate in several cells from solid tissues. Virus yields vary widely, closely resembling differences in HIV binding to the cells; the latter phenomenon appears mainly related to the extent of CD4 expression, even though other molecules have been implied in virus-cell interactions, the expression of which on the cell membrane can be modulated by several stimuli. During the course of HIV replication, a series of cytokines is produced and released in parallel to virus growth, particularly IL-6 and TNF-α. In fact, exposure of fibroblasts or epithelial cells to these HIV-in-duced cytokines causes an increase of CD4 expression, HIV adsorption to uninfected cells, and release of infectious virions by infected cells. In cells exposed to interferon-γ, IL-6 and TNF-α allow the virus to bypass interferon inhibition of virus release. The fact that HIV-1 adsorption and spread can be mediated by HIV-induced cytokines may be relevant in AIDS pathogenesis, accelerating virus transmission both within the organ and to infiltrating cells, activating a self-maintaining mechanism of infection.

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