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The Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980 public law 96-480

  • J. A. Jolly


The Stevenson Technology Innovation Act of 1980 has passed Congress and has been signed by the President. The legislation accomplishes two main functions. The first part establishes an Office of Industrial Technology in the Department of Commerce which will oversee the establishment of a wide variety of university-affiliated centers. The Centers will: 1) Perform research supportive of technological and industrial innovation including cooperative industry-university basic and applied research; 2) provide assistance to individuals and small businesses in the generation, evaluation and development of technological ideas supportive of industrial innovation and new business ventures; 3) provide technical assistance and advisory services to industry, particularly small businesses; and 4) provide curriculum development, training, and instruction in invention, entrepreneurship, and industrial innovation. The second part of the Act is concerned with the utilization of Federal Technology. Some of the provisions are: 1) Each Federal Laboratory shall establish an Office of Research and Technology Applications; 2) each Federal laboratory having a total annual budget exceeding $20,000,000 shall provide at least one professional individual full-time as staff for its Office of Research and Technology Application; and 3) after September 30, 1981 each Federal agency shall make available not less than 0.5 percent of the agency's research and development budget to support the technology transfer function of the Office of Research and Technology Applications. The legislation also establishes a Center for the Utilization of Federal Technology in the Department of Commerce to serve as a central clearinghouse for the collection, dissemination, and transfer of information on Federally owned or originated technology having potential application to State and local government and to private industry.


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