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, Volume 96, Issue 4, pp 3289–3291 | Cite as

Viscoelastic Love waves in a layered structure with weak lateral inhomogeneity

  • A. V. Aref'ev
  • A. P. Kiselev


High-frequency Love surface waves in a linear medium with Maxwell-Boltzmann-Volterra anelasticity are considered. Arbitrary vertical dependences of the material parameters are allowed. The weak lateral inhomqgeneity and anelasticity of the medium, assumed small in the high-frequency range, are treated as perturbations. The leading term of the ray expansion, which corresponds to the balance of energy along real surface rays, is provided. The additional components, i.e., the Rayleigh-type components of the displacement, described by a higher-order correction, are discussed.


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  • A. V. Aref'ev
  • A. P. Kiselev

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