Effects of microwave-induced hyperthermia on the anterior segment of healthy rabbit eyes


Hyperthermia was induced in nine healthy rabbit eyes by means of a microwave 2450 MHz stripline applicator. The anterior segment of each eye was heated to a fixed temperature of between 42° C and 46° C for 30 min. The temperature distribution in the eye was calculated using a thermal model and the actual boundary temperatures and microwave intensity were measured. The effects of treatment were evaluated by daily macroscopic examination, fluorescein angiography and fluorophotometry, as well as by histology. Histological examination of changes induced by this hyperthermic delivery system revealed a sharp transition at 44°–45° C from no permanent damage to the anterior chamber at lower temperatures to serious damage such as local necrosis, pigment disruption and local cataract at high temperatures. A sharp transition in the same temperature range was observed in vivo in the fluorescein leakage of the iris vessels by comparative fluorescein angiography and by anterior segment fluorophotometry.

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  • Microwave
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