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Effect of a 12 HZ and of a 460 HZ pulsed magnetic field on the weight of AKR mice

  • A. Bellossi


AKR mice were exposed to a 6 mT, 12 Hz or 460 Hz pulsed magnetic field (PMF) 30 minutes twice a week. The exposure took placein utero and/or during the life span for four consecutive generations. The adult mice exposed to the 460 Hz PMF only after the birth time were lighter than the controls; for the two frequencies the decrease in weight with the ageing was less pronounced than in the controls. When the exposure took placein utero the exposed new-born mice were heavier than the controls. The difference in weight progressively disappeared when the mice were exposed to the 12 Hz PMF, persisted when the mice were exposed to the 460 Hz PMF.

Key words

Magnetic fields mice weight 


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  • A. Bellossi
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratoire de BiophysiqueFaculté de Médecine 2Rennes CédexFrance

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