Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 95, Issue 2, pp 2065–2069 | Cite as

Garlands containing the general linear group over an intermediate field

  • Z. I. Borevich
  • V. A. Koibaev
  • I. V. Lavrent'ev


Let K/k be a finite extension of fields with an intermediate subfield L, and let H = GLL(K) be the general linear group of all L-linear invertible mappings of the vector space of the field K over L. It is proved that the subgroups lying between GLK(K)H and the normalizer of H in G, where G = GLk(K), form a garland. Bibliography: 4 titles.


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  • Z. I. Borevich
  • V. A. Koibaev
  • I. V. Lavrent'ev

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