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, Volume 96, Issue 1, pp 2930–2934 | Cite as

Optimization of vertical axisymmetric displacements of a thin circular plate under a nonstationary thermal load

  • A. V. Yasins'kii
  • R. I. Shipka


We study the problem of optimal control of the distribution of vertical axisymmetric thermal displacements of a thin circular plate fixed along its edge. The displacements are caused by a nonstationary heat load on one of the end surfaces. The thermal action on the other end surface is chosen as the control function. Using the Hankel and Laplace transforms in the space of continuous functions, we construct the solution of the inverse problem of thermoelasticity to which the original control problem has been reduced.


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  • A. V. Yasins'kii
  • R. I. Shipka

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