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Über das Wesen der optomotorischen Reaktionen (II)

  • S. Dijkgraaf
Kurze Mitteilungen Disputandum


W. v. Buddenbrock and his collaborators claim to have demonstrated optomotor reactions due to the apparent displacement of the visual field caused by the animal's normal active movement. In two of the three cases mentioned (Carcinus, Calandra) the evidence brought forward is insufficient and needs further experimental investigation. In the third case (Aeschna) their conclusion is obviously erroneous: the sensory stimuli eliciting optomotor reactions are caused by the passive displacement (turning) inflicted upon the animal artificially and not by its active movement as such.


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  • S. Dijkgraaf
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  1. 1.Institut für vergleichende Physiologie der Universität UtrechtThe Netherlands

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