Determination of radioisotopes of Ce, Eu, Pu, Am and Cm in low-level-wastes from power reactors

  • S. Niese
  • B. Gleisberg


Long-lived isotopes of lanthanides and actinides are very important for the disposal of low-level radioactive wastes. These nuclides serve for risk calculations of accidents. Their determination requires radiochemical separation from high activity main nuclides. Supervision of waste vessels is done by direct non-destructive γ-spectrometry of the key nuclides:60Co for corrosion products and137Cs as for fission products as for transuranic elements. The activity ratios of the long-lived nuclides to the key nuclides are called scaling factors. They have to be determined radiochemically in the laboratory in representative samples of each waste type. They are used for activity calculations of long-lived nuclides in the waste vessels. The scaling factors determined are of the order of magnitude of 10−6 and due to the fact that we have used low-level measurement techniques, we could performe the necessary chemical separations in a laboratory not exceeding the 10-fold free-level limit.


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  • S. Niese
    • 1
  • B. Gleisberg
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