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Darstellbarkeit doppelbrechender Lipoidtropfen aus dem Urin und pathogenetische Auffassungen der Lipoidurie

  • R. Cavelti
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(1) No double refractile Iipoid droplets can be obtained by alcohol ether extraction from urine or from urinary protein as it is possible from blood serum.

(2) The conclusion is drawn that the double refractile lipoids droplets in urinary sediment do not pass through the glomeruli and therefore are not reabsorbed by the tubuli, but that they come from the own lipoproteins of the epithelial cells of renal tubuli and pass into urine by dissolution and desquamation of these cells.


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  • R. Cavelti
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  1. 1.Medizinische Klinik der Universität BernSwitzerland

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