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Ein neuentdeckter Wirkstoff (Vitamin-T-Komplex)

  • Wilhelm Goetsch
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The recently discovered vitamin T complex can be extracted from different kinds of yeast and ascomycets, but also from insects that feed on such micro-organisms. In case of a sufficient amount of protein in the food, vitamin T causes an “acceleration of development”; thus it is possible that insects may attain new and varied proportions of their bodies, such as would never occur in nature (“Great modification”). With vertebrates, the assimilation of protein is increased by vitamin T. The result is an enlargement of the body and an increase in weight of from 10 to 20%, in spite of the same or even a smaller amount of nourishment. Also with human beings an increase in weight of 3 to 7 pounds was observed within 20 days, though the small rations were not increased. Besides, vitamin T has a favourable influence on healing wounds. The importance of vitamin T for agriculture and medicine is obvious.


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  • Wilhelm Goetsch
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