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Influence de laβ-mercaptoéthylamine sur la réponse de l'intestin grêle du rat à une irradiation rœntgénienne localisée

  • P. Desaive
  • Josephine Varetto-Denoël
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Intra-peritoneal injections of 15 mg of B-mercaptoethylamine in rats, with an average weight of 200 g, protect the small intestine against a local irradiation of 500 r on the antero-upper portion of the abdomen.

This protection is proved mainly, as compared with the control, by a smaller decrease of cells still in mitosis after 12 and 24 hours and of the migrant cells in resting stage, by a greater precocity and higher quantitative value of the post-radiation normal and subnormal mitotic processes, and by variations in the mitotic formula (namely, in protected animals, a relatively high increase in the amount of metaphases).

These experiments seem to prove a certain local and immediate action of the radio-protector, whose effects are not solely limited to the preparation of the generating system of the intestine for the later complete repair of the digestive epithelium.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • P. Desaive
  • Josephine Varetto-Denoël
    • 1
  1. 1.Université de LiègeBelgium

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