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L'action du dithizone sur la rétine du lapin Etude électrophysiologique

  • J. Babel
  • B. Ziv
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Dithizone provokes chorio-retinal lesions in the rabbit, visible ophthalmoscopally after 12 h and microscopally after 8 h. The ERG reveals much earlier alterations, theb wave diminishes rapidly and the ERG is abolished in 3 to 4 h. In the cases where no durable lesions are noted, the ERG is nevertheless pathological, theb wave being diminished 40 to 70% of its initial value during the first day, but becoming normal once again even if a permanent diabetes results. These anomalies of the ERG are related to acute hypoglycaemia and enzymatic blockage.


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  • J. Babel
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  • B. Ziv
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  1. 1.Clinique Ophtalmologique de l'Université de GenèveSwitzerland

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