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Arabinogalactan proteins at the cell surface ofBrassica sperm andLilium sperm and generative cells

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Antibodies to arabinogalactan proteins were tested for binding to sperm cells ofBrassica campestris and to generative cells and sperm ofLilium longiflorum. Two monoclonal antibodies, JIM8 and JIM13, bound toBrassica sperm in pollen grains and pollen tubes and to isolated sperm. Sperm pairs retained within the vegetative cell inner plasma membrane fluoresced more brightly than single sperm, indicating that the vegetative cell inner plasma membrane that surrounds sperm pairs also contains arabinogalactan proteins. Isolated sperm pairs exhibited a uniform fluorescence while single sperm had patches of fluorescence. InLilium, isolated generative cells and single sperm cells bound antibodies in a patchy pattern. Antibodies to arabinogalactan proteins may be useful in describing the overall shape of sperm cells and for identifying sperm among other cell types.

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Arabinogalactan proteins Brassica campestris Generative cell JIM8 JIM13 Lilium longiflorum Sperm (plant) 


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  1. 1.Department of BiologySouthern Oregon State CollegeAshlandUSA

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