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Azione dei raggi X sul metabolismo degli acidi nucleinici in cellule proliferative e cellule secretrici

  • Marina de Nicola
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The action of X-rays on the metabolism of nucleic acids in proliferative and secretory non-proliferative cells has been investigated. X-rays determine a stop of DNA synthesis and a conversion of DNA into RNA. All germ cells, including spermatozoa, show this effect, and the same is true for the follicular secretory cells. The germ cells are blocked at different stages of mitosis or meiosis. On the contrary, the follicular cells continue their characteristic secretory cycle, until they are entirely deprived of both nucleic acids and eventually die.

The conclusion is drawn that the action of X-rays is essentially specific for the nucleic acids as such, and not for some intermediate substance of their metabolism, and that stickiness, metaphasic block, and chromosome abnormalities are probably a secondary effect of this action.


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  • Marina de Nicola
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  1. 1.Centro di biologia del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche presso la Stazione Zoologica NapoliItaly

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