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Erfahrungen über den Einsatz des Phosphorwasserstoffpräparates PHOSTOXIN in Jugoslawien

  • B. K. Ilić


This report is dealing with the fumigation of grain in granaries with phosphine against the main stored-grain insects in Yugoslavia. The phosphine gas was generated from PHOSTOXIN tablets which were inserted in the grain mass. The efficacy was tested by the mortality of laboratory-bred insects and insects of the natural infestation. The successful fumigation was depending on the temperature of the grain and of the storage rooms and on the exposure period. The covering of the grain mass by plastic sheets reduced the gas leakage considerably. The dosage of 5–6 tablets per ton of grain and an exposure time of 5 days resulted in a 100% mortality of all insect stages at a grain temperature of 19° C. In all trials the exposure time proved to be the main factor. For the control of the angoumois grain moth and the Indian meal moth in the storage rooms outside the grain mass an additional treatment with an insecticidal spray was necessary. The control of hot spots by inserting the tablets through a probe was successful, provided that these hot spots were not too numerous and could be marked off very accurately.


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