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Sources of thalamo-cortical afferents of the forelimb representation area in the first somatosensory zone of the cat cerebral cortex

  • S. A. Badalyan
  • V. I. Pogosyan
  • K. V. Tsakanyan


Retrogradely labeled thalamic neurons—the sources of afferents in the focus of peak activity induced by radial nerve stimulation—were investigated in adult cats by means of microiontophoretic horseradish peroxidase injection into the first somatosensory zone of the cerebral cortex. Labeled cells were found mainly in the ventroposterolateral and a smaller proportion in the posteroventral medial thalamic nuclei. Labeled neurons were distributed in groups differing in their morphological parameters within these nuclei.


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  • S. A. Badalyan
  • V. I. Pogosyan
  • K. V. Tsakanyan

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