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Ein Beispiel zur Anwendung mehrfacher linearer Regression in der Biochemie

  • H. Thöni
Specialia Pro Experimentis


Multiple linear regression is a versatile tool to describe the dependence of an observed variable from a number of experimentally varied factors. It makes it possible to estimate the parameters of a response function simultaneously from a single set of data and to test the appropriateness of a proposed model. An example illustrates the application of multiple linear regression to an experiment in biochemistry: the estimation of the distance travelled by a chemical in micro-electrophoresis. Tests based on multiple linear regression prove that the travelling speed is not completely proportional to the electric current applied but also contains a constant term.


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  • H. Thöni
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  1. 1.Laboratorium für Biometrie und PopulationsgenetikEidg. Technische HochschuleZürichSchweiz

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